This Privacy Policy is intended to describe how information is collected and used by SolentShips. By using SolentShips website or app, you agree that information will be handled as described in this Policy.

SolentShips Website

When you visit the SolentShips website cookies may be placed in your browser. This is so that the website analytics service Microsoft Clarity can help us to understand how visitors use the SolentShips website; for example, how visitors find our website, how often they visit and which web pages they are most interested in etc.

Microsoft Clarity use the cookies and other technologies to collect information about activity on the SolentShips website. This information includes the time and duration of your visit, which pages and elements of a page are of interest and which you use, IP address, browser and Operating System, device Information e.g. device type and screen size, referring Data e.g. a search engine link.

The data collected will be transmitted to and stored by Microsoft Clarity on servers globally. You may use your browser settings to refuse cookies from Microsoft Clarity; see your browser providers help pages for information on how to do this:

SolentShips Android App

The SolentShips app uses some Google services which collect non-personally identifying information:

Firebase Analytics

Firebase Analytics is a mobile analytics service. SolentShips uses this service to understand how users interact with the app. For example, how long users spend in the app, how many users install the app per month, etc. The information collected by Firebase Analytics does not personally identify users. Data collected will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers globally. SolentShips does not collect any information other than automatically colllected events relevant to the SolentShips app. See for details of all automatically collected information.

For more information, see the Firebase Privacy Policy contained within the terms of service and also see "How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps"

App Permissions

SolentShips app includes the permission to access external storage. This permission is required to store data required for delivery of the service and to enable you to include your own images in SolentShips. SolentShips does not access any other information on your device storage.

Website/Server Logs

SolentShips maintains logs of accesses made to the website/server and the resource accessed. Log entries will contain some or all of, source IP address, app version, device type, watch/no-watch indicator (app). Logs are retained to provide information to support the maintenance of the service. Logs will be retained for a maximum of 6 months.

Changes to the Policy

This Policy may change from time to time, so please check back periodically.