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About the Live Map

SolentShips tracks working ships and boats in the Solent area, Portsmouth, Southampton, Fawley and around the Isle of Wight.

Click a map marker for the vessels identity and basic course/speed information. Click <...More> for details of the vessel, where she sailed from and where she is going, where she arrived from and when she arrived, where she is going next, and detailed location information on her berth, anchorage, mooring, or if is she's underway distance and bearing from a local landmark/seamark. Not all of this information will be available for every vessel. To close the vessel info popups, click another marker or touch/click the map itself.

If you want to find out more about a particular ship, go to the SolentShips vessels database and search on the ships name to see further details about the ships and it's arrivals/departures to and from the Solent area since January 2018.

Information is derived from AIS data and other sources. It is provided for general interest only and no guarantee is provided as to accuracy or completeness.

Not all map features will be available for people using very old versions of some browsers.

If you have a problem, need any further help or just want to make a comment about the SolentShips website please email